HDT Base-X 305 Shelter Tent


The HDT Base-X Expedition Shelter system patented folding frame is recognized world-wide as the most advanced, lightweight, rapid-deploying
tactical soft-walled shelter system on the market today. The unique patented folding frame design gives the system its superior strength and its rapid set-up and strike capabilities in as little as 3 minutes. This performance is achieved while keeping the system to a minimum weight and size when packed, making it more mobile and easier to embark. Missions that require speed and agility have relied on HDT’s modular shelter
 systems design allowing for modular complexing to segment various activities.
 These modular shelter systems allow rapid response to changing threats. HDT Base-X Shelters are user friendly.
The advanced frame guarantees quick setup and superior strength.
This wonderful shelter system isn’t only a great fit for our military, all of its facets make it a wonderful addition for just about anyone.  From the hunting, camping, birdwatching, or hiking adventure as well as cookouts, family gatherings, birthday parties, and yes, even a wedding, the possibilities are endless with this shelter system.  Your neighboorhood, your church, your school, your community, and yes, even your business can benefit from this tent.  And of course it can make the perfect cover/carport for your boat, car, truck, motorcycles, jet skis, again the possibilities of its uses go on and on. All of these things being enjoyed with or without the 6 built in screened windows (3 on each side) open to let the cool air in when its summer and and keep the cool wind out when winter.  It has a total of 6 actual entry and exit points, 2 on each side, and another 1 on each end.  Opening them all up at one time allows the maximum amount of air flow.
The Model 305 provides an interior clear span of 18’ (5.49 m) wide. This shelter will house between 12 – 14 personnel.
It is also ideal for brigade and regiment size command and control, medical, communication, and logistics operations. .


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